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Schizophrenia as a disorder of ipseity
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Rationale of the Present Study No studies specifically addressing negative symptoms in schizophrenia by neurofeedback were found in our literature search. These were the research questions: 1.

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Participants Two patients participated in this study. Procedures Phase 1 , i. Table 2 Autocorrelations.

Schizophrenia Essay

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Research Paper on Schizophrenia | Examples and Samples

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Neurofeedback Treatment of Negative Symptoms in Schizophrenia: Two Case Reports

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Schizophrenia And Its Effects On Schizophrenia

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Schizophrenia: a disorder of intersubjectivity : a phenomenological analysis

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Journal of Psychiatric Research, 68 , — Kay, S. Positive and negative syndrome scale. Klimesch, W. The aim of Chapter 3 was to identify the GM abnormalities present in patients with FES, both at the time of their first presentation to mental health services baseline , and over the first years of their illness follow-up.

MRI scans were acquired from 41 patients with FES at baseline, and 47 matched healthy control subjects. Of these participants, 25 FES patients and 26 controls returned years later for a follow-up scan.

The analysis technique of voxel-based morphometry VBM was used in conjunction with the Statistical Parametric Mapping SPM software package in order to identify the regions of GM difference between the groups at baseline.