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Hester and Reverend Dimmesdale plan to escape and make their way to England.

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Hester deeply loves him and in England they could live free of the shame place on her by this puritan community. The community is engulfed with the scandal and Hester leaves. Later she comes back and lives on her own until she dies. I think in this book nothing shown about human nature would have been undermined if it had ended well. Life is filled with suffering caused by human nature, yet it is also softened with times of love, laughter and joy.

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In my view I would have seen their escape as evidence that no matter how dark the night there is at least the moon, if not noonday sun. They would be no less so if Hawthorne had allowed them to get to England. There they would have been able to be free of the stigma of the scarlet letter, giving hope to people trapped in bigoted communities that there are other places and other people with different views. They would have shed light on their experiences and feelings, and given insight into a more realistic picture of life.

The result is that Hawthorne admirably explored a part of live and the human nature.

The Scarlet Letter Essay: How Nature Plays A Role In The Novel

However, it is only part, because life consists not only of rejection despair fear and death that is only part of it. He did not have to give it a tragic end to make his point. Additionally we can offer you custom essays on The Scarlet Letter topics and ideas. Just fill in the order form at our website! Blog posts.

Critical Essay on The Scarlet Letter | Blog

Critical Essay on The Scarlet Letter Hawthorne is just that, the tragic story of Hester Prynne, a women found guilty of adultery, her rejection, public humiliation, and her inner feelings and the effect on her community in The Scarlet Letter essay writing tips: Research information from a wide variety of sources. Collect more than you can use.

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Then take out relevant material and re read it. When you are satisfied, you have what you need then you are ready to write. Highlight critical details from your material and write your thesis statement. Ensure you make it clear and concise. Write your introduction, and develop your outline. The Effectiveness Of Symbolism In The Scarlet Letter Term paper While the free essays can give you inspiration for writing, they cannot be used 'as is' because they will not meet your assignment's requirements. Hawthorne uses symbolism in many ways throughout this novel. By adding this marvelous feature he makes it clear to what he is trying to accomplish.

The scarlet letter itself is symbolic. In this novel locations, colors, and people are all major elements of symbolism that bring out the story. Unlink other forms of symbolism used by Hawthorne location was a key ingredient in the creation of The Scarlet Letter. She silently ascended the steps, and stood on the platform, holding little Pearl by the hand. The moment that he did so, there came what seemed a tumultuous rush of new life, other life that his own, pouring like a torrent unto his heart, and hurrying through all his veins, as if the mother and the child were communicating their vital warmth to his half-torpid system.

The three formed an electric chain The scaffold is the location where most important events take place.

After she is released from prison, Hester remains in Boston because

The scaffold is, where Hester is sentenced to wear the scarlet letter, and is also the location where Dimmesdale died confessing his adultery. All public humiliation as well as punishment takes place at the scaffold. Hawthorne uses the forest is another effective use of symbolism. He shows how anything affiliated with the forest is considered evil to the Puritans, however he uses Pearl to show the forest as being beautiful and natural.

Winston 2 Hawthorne uses also color as another major form of symbolism.

Hawthorne well placed locations help intertwines location with color and nature. Arthur Dimmesdale share a common trait ;they both symbolize sinners.

Analysis Of ' The Scarlet Letter '

Hawthorne also stresses that Dimmesdale, Chillingworth, and Hester are all symbolic of liars, they are all evil in someway or another. Dimmesdale hates himself, because he is the Great Rev. The character of Roger Chillingworth is symbolic of his own name. There is one worse than even the polluted priest!

Scarlet Letter Visual Essay

He has violated, in cold blood, the sanctity of a human heart