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The Nathaniel Hawthorne 's The Blithedale Romance And The Susanna Cummins ' The Lamplighter
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You're concept of Western culture as "Judeo-Christian" is problematic in this light. It implies a false unity and camaradarie between Jews and Christians that never actually existed.

What N. Hawthorne Meant in His Novel The Bithedale Romance: [Essay Example], words GradesFixer

To the contrary, the two groups have been at each others throats far more often than not. Jewish influence in Western society is not dependent upon numbers or votes but upon networking, intelligence, wealth and access to elite institutions media, academic, law, political. Jews have all of these qualities far in excess of their share of the population. Furthermore, if one traces the roots of the kind of self-hating liberalism that has opened the West to Muslim immigration, one will find that Jewish lead intellectual movements like Marxism, Freudianism, Boas's race denial and Levi-Strauss's cultural relativism in anthropology, the "Frankfurt School" of cultural Marxism, the 60's new Left, modern feminism etc.

Despite the potentially disastrous effects of Muslim immigration to Western nations on Jews living in those countries, the vast majority of Jews still favor open borders and multiculturalism. They do this because they consider conservative, traditionalist Westerners to be more of a threat than Muslims are.

Don't you realize that? There is an old saying of the Jews of Eastern Europe: "scratch a goy, find an anti-semite. Many of the Jews who are concerned about the spread of Islam in the West appear to be solely concerned with the negative effects of Islam on Jews and not about the effects on the West in general. Many of these individuals also evince traditional Jewish hostility towards Western people.

An example of such an individual would be Melanie Phillips, who wrote a book about the Muslim takeover of Europe, but attacks those in her own country who would restrict Muslim immigration as "racists. Atbotl: There is some truth in what you say--and you say it without rancor--but it does not lead to the conclusions you draw. True, there is a long history of Christian criticism of Jews that is heartily reciprocated. But Christianity is a successful sect of Judaism, deepening and universalizing Hebrew-Jewish religious and ethical principles.

So I would call Western anti-semitism a civil war that began in the conflict between the followers of Christ and the Jewish establishment. The involvement of Jews in the larger intellectual movements of modernity does not make them a Jewish conspiracy. As Marcfrans and I have tried to argue, Jews are like non-Jews in their adherence to liberalism.

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That said, I agree with Lawrence Auster's description of the "Jewish problem," which is best researched on the View from the Right website. Organized Jewry does not support, but opposes, majority cultures in Western countries. That is contrary to the principle developed during the Exile of working for the benefit of the host country. Auster thinks for this situation to be reversed, the majority has to start acting like a majority instead of allowing itself to be led by anti-majoritarian minorities. First, you don't seem to understand that Western civilisation is or rather, was grounded on "judeo-christian" values, coupled with a few other major inputs as well especially the 'classical world' of Greece and Rome.

And now you have decided to indulge in some plain old-fashioned anti-semitism. What is the percentage of jews in a typical Western country? To blame 'jews' for Western immigration policies is ridiculous, given that between 95 and percent of the voters in those political sytems are NONjews. Perhaps the blame resides first and foremost with 'nonjews'?

Or, would that nonprejudiced deduction appear to be too simple and logical for you? Also, you got it backwards. Morality has nothing to do with it. Immorality perhaps, yes. Which is something that most Jews and the entire organized Jewish community strongly supports. Do you actually think that Muslim immigration into Western countries is allowed because the governments of these countries are hostile to Jews and want to punish Jews by putting them in contact with Muslims?

Atbotl: Doesn't your assertion that Jews support mass Moslem immigration contradict your assertion that Jews are particularist and vengeful? They are not. They are predominantly liberal, which makes them no different from the majority of their compatriots.

ENG 241 & 242 Assignment Playbook

In other words, despite their supposed intelligence, they subscribe to an ideology detached from reality that is contrary to their own interests. Left-liberal Jews, like left-liberal Christians, are prone to claiming a religious basis for their leftism, but a conservative has the right to assert that they have betrayed their religion for the idolatry of a man-centered Gnostic revolution. I have to agree with you and Marcfrans that Western immigration policy is not motivated by conscious antisemitism.

I implied that in my answer to your original question. No, it is motivated by a deluded belief, a religious faith if you will, in human equality, that refuses to see that the dilution of human capital is fatal to a nation. Football is a game of inches. So is life. A small concession to aggression against the society by its enemies will reap the whirlwind.

Regarding the second point, there is still a further semantic matter I wish to raise. The willingness of left-liberals to trample the rights of others, in my view does not so much reveal the "religious nature" of their vision as it does reveal the fundamentalist nature of their vision.

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It is that they do NOT allow doubt to interfere with their beliefs, that is the problem. But it still remains a bastardization of the term "religion".

The Blithedale Romance

You posit an interesting thesis in your third paragraph that I find more problematic. Does it follow then that they are "inherent" in the "divine order of creation"? There should be room for rational 'progress'. On the contrary, rather than spirituality it would seem that materialism has more to do with it.

Also, the readiness of left-liberals to trample on individual rights suggests little if any respect for any "spiritual essence". You, as an individual are supposed to be able to "forgive" evil done by others to you. Marcfrans: Thanks for your reply. Re my para. Meaningful, but not easily made.

The left-liberal does not make this distinction and believes that humans must overcome all inequalities, or differences if you will. Government-funded sex-change operations on convicted criminals--and not as part of their punishment--might be an illuminating example. Summary: Feminist critics have primarily concentrated on the character of Zenobia, Nathaniel Hawthorne's premier feminist in The Blithedale Romance, to unravel Hawthorne's stance on the emergent sexual politics of the time. This thesis not only examines the importance of Zenobia but also analyzes the significance of Hawthorne's allusions to gender and sexuality constructs in terms of his other characters: Coverdale, Hollingsworth, Priscilla, Westervelt, and Moodie.

In addition, I argue that Hawthorne's purpose is to experiment with societal constructs of gender and sexuality among his central characters, a literary experiment that inadvertently subverts his ostensible traditional, patriarchal perspective. In essence, my reading aims to reorientate the conventional presuppositions and gender conventions that have dominated Hawthorne criticism for the past years. Title: Hawthorne's play on gender and sexuality in "The Blithedale Romance".

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