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This research will also help develop the idea further. Create your English thesis statement. Student Profile You are passionate about literature in English and the history and politics of Anglophone cultures. You value critical and innovative thinking, and enjoy drawing connections between literature and other concerns, ranging from questions about ethnicity to the environment and beyond.

You like working independently and in an international environment. Your social skills are very good and you enjoy articulating your thoughts and expressing your opinion in front of your fellow students. You are willing to take responsibility for your own success and you are used to planning your own work. Since a PhD education is a distinct possibility in your future, you would value coming in close contact with current research and prominent researchers in your field, and developing your skills as an independent researcher.

English Department Dissertations Collection | English | University of Massachusetts Amherst

The programme leads to a Master of Arts credits with English as the main field of study. After one year of study, it may also be possible to obtain a Master of Arts 60 credits. Over the course of the programme, you will take four core courses each worth 7. You will also complete two capstone courses taking the form of reading courses each worth 7.

Research Topics in English Literature

In addition, you are required to take six courses worth 45 credits in total from a range of modules on literature, theory, and contemporary critical debates. Many of these modules include elements on English literature, allowing you to study this literature transnationally and comparatively. You may also opt for an internship worth 7. Your capstone courses combine a small number of seminars with independent work and collaborations with your fellow students. In the first course you will read deeply into the body of writing of a single author and criticism on this writer. In the second you will delve into a particular area of research or literary critical problem. The author and research areas on offer vary from year to year. These courses are designed to involve students in the kinds of research that literary studies currently demands, including: working with primary sources and archival materials; reviewing the critical literature; using online databases of historical newspapers, periodicals, and other cultural materials; exploring relevant contexts in literary, linguistic, and cultural history; experimenting with new methodologies.

They provide training for your 30 credit Master's thesis.

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The four core courses are complementary and are designed to deepen and broaden you knowledge of the diversity of writing in English: Reassessing Shakespeare and Early Modern Literature This course examines works by Shakespeare and his near-contemporaries across a number of genres, including plays, poems, pamphlets, and sermons, and assesses the implications of recent debates in Early Modern Studies for our critical understanding of the institutions and practices of literary production in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century England.

Nineteenth-Century British Fiction This course examines the range of forms of fiction in Britain during the Victorian period with a focus on relations between authors, their readers and contemporary sites of publication. Students will gain a deepened knowledge of nineteenth-century British culture and literature and learn about current debates in the scholarship of the Victorian period.

The New Modernisms This course examines successive revolutions in Anglophone writing and the arts between and with a focus on topics of current theoretical importance in Modernist Studies, including commodity culture, magazine serialisation, material textualities, canon formation, transnational literary networks, and subaltern, queer, and racialized identities. Writing the Postcolony This course investigates the ways in which fiction from Britain's ex-colonies has reflected and registered the enduring consequences of the imperial project.

Moving beyond a narrow concern with national independence, it considers postcolonial writing in relation to issues such as climate change, economic crises, migration and democratic struggles, and the rise of reactionary populisms. For many of your courses you will meet weekly in small seminars groups for two hours. Seminars are taught to the extent that the student members meet regularly with a tutor. The working style is exploratory and you will be expected to engage with primary sources, develop and express your own opinions and to work towards independent arguments in your coursework.

In your reading courses, you will be expected to occasionally work more independently or collaboratively with fellow students. For more information about available internships and the experiences of other student interns, please follow the link and search for internships for international students in the A-Z list. Internships Current student website. The UvA website uses cookies and similar technologies to ensure the basic functionality of the site and for statistical and optimisation purposes. It also uses cookies to display content such as YouTube videos and for marketing purposes.

Why this programme?

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