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During the learning process, we get to interact with new concepts and ideas which help to remove our mental reservations on certain issues. With this reservations removed, we start to live and act differently. Years ago, women had no say on certain issues such as politics, religion and education and they were treated as inferior to their male counterparts. Education has therefore empowered women and enlightened men on the importance of gender equality, hence promoting equality among the masses. Through education, we get to interact with people from different backgrounds and cultures hence promoting cohesiveness.

It promotes national and international understanding. This is part of the social change process whereby people who initially did not interact with people from other cultures get to interact with those people and learn and appreciate their cultures. For example, education has enabled people from different races to interact and live together peacefully by getting rid of stereotypes.

This was not the case years before because of segregation due to color and this is a positive change in the society.

Education cultivates virtues such as teamwork and cooperation which leads to divergent thinking. Teamwork is important in the development of the society since several people working together have a greater chance of coming up with great ideas which when put into practice help shape our society. For instance, in Ancient Greece education brought together several thinkers who in turn came up with great ideas for inventions and public laws which are still applicable in our current society.

In conclusion, education is the major key for social change.


Education has been and will always be a big part of social change and it affects our lives daily. It helps us embrace new ideas, discard harmful practices and improve our societies. I believe that education is an instrument for social change well, with a few caveats.

Types of Social Change

In order for education to be a proactive instrument for social change, it must be used. Before it can be used, it must be acquired. Once it is acquired, its use depends solely on the individual. There is a famous aphorism, commonly seen painted as part of school murals or printed on educational posters, that states that Knowledge is power. In order for that knowledge to really count, it must make an impact. Say for example a king knows how to devise an irrigation system that could provide clean water to all the homes in his country.

What use is his knowledge when it exists only in his mind? The individual who strives to learn is undoubtedly an outstanding one with immense potential to make a difference and who cannot be stopped. The acquisition of knowledge in all forms will open possibilities to that individual to dine with intellects and converse with fools.

Even with that knowledge, education can only become an instrument for social change if it moves the individual to learn empathy by accepting reality, not just tolerating it. The juxtapositions of life and reality can be overwhelming as one may find it difficult to read about Truly accepting reality brings peace of mind and a personal responsibility towards righteousness, whether it be small, day-to-day choices when dealing with the petty neighbor upstairs or a larger commitment like enrolling in legal studies to give back to the communities that have given to you.

Ceaseless striking of a balance within ourselves is active application of the power of knowledge. What we then choose to do with our individual experiences and acquired knowledge is the tipping point towards collective, social change. I finally discovered that education is the most powerful key of development that each society needs. In s, our former president Michel Micombero introduced ethnical conflicts by prioritizing the eradication of all educated people because he knew that they might be the ones who could take his place a certain day and judge him for all his exactions committed.

Nowadays, what I see in my society is awaked souls and I am one of them; I am a proof of what the positive power of education can do because of the savor of it that my father helped me to taste. For now, we, the youth tasting the savor of education have changed our mentality; we aim to empower our skills and abilities so that to create innovative projects which will contribute in the eradication of poverty. The empowerment of education is the empowerment of the youth; and we, the youths are the future leaders that our societies are waiting for amazing impacts that our knowledge, skills and abilities acquired and improved will make.

I attended public middle school and high school in Northern Virginia in the largest and most diverse public school system in the State. Three thousand students attended T. The majority of students came from low-income backgrounds. This was an uneasy mix. Issues with fighting and drugs were common at the school, and more often involved those students of color. The groups were divided. The racial divide was also evident in AP or honors-level courses, with the majority of the students in those classes being white.

I discovered there was a mentality among many students that school did not matter, and I found it hard to understand.

+ Social Issue Essay Topics | Professional Sociology Essay Help

It was clear that the students who were most disenchanted with school often engaged in criminal behavior, getting into trouble with the law and creating major obstacles in life. As my schooling continued, I discovered that race was not a determining factor. It appeared that students from low-income backgrounds and lower social class were those disproportionately affected by problemsno matter their race.

A drug and crime culture lured those disenchanted students out of school and into a cycle of crime and immobility in society. I befriended many people that came from this background, and found that they were no different from me. Many were incredibly smart and funny, and had wisdom that I admired. Yet several of them ended up in jail before graduation and I asked myself, why? Where does this apathy and allure of criminality come from? Most importantly, how do we change it? Another memory I have from middle school was talking to a Latino student when I brought the prospect of that person going to college.

The mentality was there from such a young age that it is frightening. The experiences I had in high school and middle school left a strong impression on me. I contemplated how changes to our society could make a positive impact on low-income students, and focusing on education is one of the factors I believe would have the strongest impact. Specifically, focusing on employing the best possible teachers to impress upon at-risk students from low-income areas at a young age the importance of obtaining an education. Doing so will help to direct those at-risk students away from the risks and negative mentally I witnessed during middle and high school.

Knowledge is viral, and the power of knowledge is substantial. Using knowledge through education to attack poverty will help to reduce poverty, crime, and reliance on the government, which in turn will lower the expenditure of tax dollars. Doing so comes back to molding and recruiting the best teachers to focus on the most vulnerable demographics of students. By applying our focus there as a country and a society, we can help to achieve social change through education. We, human beings, are social animals. Since times immemorial, we have been spontaneously oriented towards each other and our surroundings.

This orientation developed to such an extent that the Stone Age Man learned to develop families and with time, it spiraled to building societies, citadels and great civilizations. This is, in fact, the most significant aspect that sets us apart from all other creations on the face of the earth. What do you think makes us so different from the Neanderthals?

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One of the reasons that we have evolved to be the most intelligent species on Earth might be the fact that we have an innate curiosity to know about the environment we live in and learn from it. Change is the only constant. Social change refers to a change in the way a substantial part of the society thinks or behaves. These changes are bound to happen, whether we want them or not. Education, however, decides the extent and direction in which the changes take place. In the modern society, education seems to have lost its true essence. Children grow up behind locked concrete walls of their classrooms in a quest to win the never ending rat race.

They compete with each other in often unhealthy ways, making them susceptible to jealousy, self-worthlessness, depression and a myriad of other negative emotions.

Essay on Social Change in India

These children grow up to be leaders of the society; leaders who are less concerned about contributing to the progress of society and more worried about keeping their pockets filled. If we wish to see a positive change in the world, our education system needs to be amended. Education must not simply be viewed as means of employment and earning a livelihood.

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Illiterates lack rationality of mind and they tend to make decisions based on religious beliefs, superstitions and orthodoxy. They accept the system as it is without questioning it because they merely accept it as fate. It is a noteworthy fact that undeveloped countries are mostly the ones where education is not predominant. The politicians do not stress on spreading education in rural areas so that the youth remain in the dark shadow of ignorance.

Under such conditions, the backward sections of the society are unaware of their rights and do not question the circumstances they are living in. This allows the government to continue its authoritarian regime without any resistance from the people. Starting from the industrial revolution to overcoming apartheid, all these transitions that changed the fate of mankind can be rightfully attributed to education. Education does not simply reflect the present condition of the society.

In fact, it initiates the changes that are to come and acts as a harbinger of the future. It is a tool to empower the human race which would otherwise be non-existent in this vast expanse called Universe. Social change is necessary to be able to properly evolve as a society that represents equality, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. There are many aspects of life that are negatively impacting positive social change, but it takes education to be a vital instrument for proper social change. I want to make an impact on the lives of others and education is vital in doing so. I am aspiring to become a lawyer one day to help make a drastic change in the justice system: criminally, financially, mentally, etc.