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  1. Transforming a model IELTS problem-solution essay into a university-level essay (Part 1)
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Such programs include such things like online tutorials, periodic online courses, and holiday tuition.

Transforming a model IELTS problem-solution essay into a university-level essay (Part 1)

Such programs enhance class work understanding and promote study while at home and during holidays, which reduces chances of being truant Pang and Hui, The government is also supposed to introduce rules and regulations that will ensure that parents are responsible for the schooling of their child. Such rules should ensure that a parent suffers fines when they cannot prevent their child from being truant.

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In addition to fines, such parents are supposed to be jailed and give guidance on how to punish their children and ensure that they are attending school as required. From another perspective, such rules will instill discipline in children when they realize that their mistakes will be payable by their parents.

This will help them to stay focused and disciplined while at school and when at home. Although the above solutions are the only possible way to solve truancy, there are many challenges that might come up during their implementation.

Education And Problem Posing Education

The first challenge is the flexibility of the government to accept and plan on how to implement them Pang and Hui, There is a lot of complacency and comfort in the education sector, which makes it difficult for the government to implement strict rules and regulations in one parliamentary sitting. Suggestion of such solutions might bring discussions and oppositions that will eventually result into dismissal of the solutions.

This can be disastrous to the government and might cause delay of important government projects and work Kubow and Fossum, In addition to that, it is difficult for the government to implement continuous online tutorials and examination due to lack of resources. Since the government has tight budgets and economic plans, it might not be easy to introduce additional expenditure without extensive consultations and planning Pang and Hui, This will prevent implementation of such solutions thus allowing continuation of the problem.

There is a lot of laziness and complacency exhibited in schools among teachers is one of the main challenges facing the education sector and might not allow for implementation of new learning strategies and rules. From another perspective, parents will also pose challenges when implementing new educational strategies and rules. Some parents give their children a lot of freedom and a lot of pocket money from an early age, which makes it difficult for them to support implementation of strict rules and regulations concerning schooling and truancy Pang and Hui, To some parents, absence of their child from school creates more labor and company at home, which makes life better for them.

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Such parents will be a big problem to the implementation of rules that will require them to be jailed in case their children absented from school. In addition to that, government rules regarding to morals and conscience do not allow parents to receive punishment for mistakes done by their children Manzon, This will also prevent any implementation of such rules and regulations thus allowing truancy to continue.

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In the United States, truancy is said to start at around age 15 and escalates with age to 21 Cowen, Kazamias and Unterhalter, This trend is attributed to excessive freedom from parents and introduction to the use of alcohol. In Kenya, the trend is different and truancy begins at an early age. As early as 8 to 10 years, some students begin to show signs truancy and even refuse to attend schools completely.

In most cases, this is usually the end of schooling to such children.

They usually start providing labor in farms, begin to use drugs and eventually end on the streets as street beggars. Such children find it rough to settle in life and start a family. In conclusion, it is evident that truancy is a universal problem and is affecting the education sector in both developed and developing countries.

A problem needs keen government intervention and support in order to reduce or stop. Truancy requires proper planning, budgeting, and implementation of all the suggested strategies in order to reduce or stop it. It is a universal problem and thus requires combined efforts of parents, teachers, students and the government Cowen, Kazamias and Unterhalter, Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

K12 Education Program: A Solution or Problem to the Philippines

Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. We will occasionally send you account related emails. They must be free to be spontaneous and innovative, as well as to present themselves as role models for our youth. America's schools need to concentrate again on core values, not compliance with accumulated bureaucracy.

The litmus test is whether educators are free act their best judgment. Not all will succeed, of course, but many will.

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Unleashing human spirit is the key to success in our schools. We want to hear what you think about this article. Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic. Philip K. Howard is a lawyer and author, and the chair of Common Good. Cathy Davidson advocates for a deeper connection between teachers and students with.

These circumstances can be either man-made such as over farming or natural for example drought. In conducting this research, evidence will show some current solutions of providing food aid in Kenya as well as understanding what the future potential developments are. Research topic: Food aid in Kenya: a problem or solution? Research question: Is food aid a sustainable strategy to solving the food crisis in Kenya?

What Students Need to Know about Writing an Essay

Thesis: Providing food aid to Kenya is good as long as it is well distributed. Problems of education connect to funding, teacher quality and the status of the teaching profession, student academic performance and standardized testing, racial imbalances, and equal educational opportunity. The lack of parental involvement seems to be a problem for education also.

Parental involvement in their child's education makes them feel good about themselves.

They usually have higher grades; higher test scores on standardized tests, classroom assessments and at arrive at school all the time. Schools, districts, states, and the federal government should be financially accountable to the public, with policymakers accountable to provide the resources needed to produce positive results. Policies should assist and encourage parents, families, and communities to be actively involved and engaged in their public schools.

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These policies should require professional development programs for all educators to include the skills and knowledge needed for effective parental and community communication and engagement strategies. A qualified, caring, diverse, and stable workforce in our schools requires a pool of well prepared, highly skilled candidates for all vacancies, quality induction for new teachers with mentoring services from trained veteran teachers, opportunities for continual improvement and growth for all employees, working conditions in which they can be successful, and professional compensation and benefits.

School funding systems must provide adequate, equitable and sustainable funding. Making taxes fair and eliminating inefficient and ineffective business subsidies are essential prerequisites to achieving adequacy, equity, and stability in school funding.